Dennis E. Cowan Elementary School

2021-2022 School Supply List

It's school supply time! We are excited and making plans for next school year! Please find the 2021-2022 school supply list below. You are welcome to shop on your own, or keep reading to find out more about purchasing supplies through Yubbler.

2021-2022 Cowan School Supply List

Yubbler Infomation:

We are excited to offer Yubbler’s school supplies program which will help the school and make it a breeze for parents to get school supplies for next year. is making our supply lists available for online purchasing at discounted prices. The best part is that Yubbler will donate 50% of the profits back to the school.

· One click ordering makes back-to-school shopping simple!

· All lists are teacher approved

· Parents can customize orders (buy only what you need)

· Quality, name-brand products you trust

· Low prices and next-day shipping to your home

· The school gets half the profits!

Register for a coupon code here:

Coupons are valid for 30 days only starting May 20th through June 19th