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Cowan All Star Fun Run
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Thursday, March 01, 2018
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Healthy Mind, Healthy Lifestyle 2018 Cowan All Star Fun Run!!

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by supporting our Cowan All Star Fun Run. Visit our website, to DONATE, SHARE & SEE school and class goal tracking!! Please help us by helping your child raise a total of $50.00 in donations. It’s easy! Help your child gather five $10.00 flat donations or more.


Follow these Simple Steps to Donation Success!

1. Register your Child for our Cowan All Star Fun Run by visiting

2. Friends and Family want to help your child be successful and share in their achievements. Use the student fundraising page to promote online pledge donations using the email and social media tools right on their page.

3. Watch your child’s Pledge Meter blast to the top fast! Most credit/debit cards are accepted from anywhere in the world. Check your child’s webpage often to see all donations they’ve received in “real time”.

4. Reach Pledge Superstar status by going above and beyond and watch the fireworks ignite on your page.   

Our total school goal is $50,000 and there are MANY incentives along the way! 


One class from each grade level with the highest total pledges will get to participate in "The Night at the Museum" event! 

* The students will get to come to the school after hours from 5:30 to 7:30 pm and see what comes out at night, as well as, get to break some of the daytime rules:

* Sing songs as you walk down the hall and high five your friends as they pass you going the other way

* Play loud games in the library where you will yell at the top of your lungs

* In addition, all classrooms reaching goal will earn 10% of total raised for classroom enrichment.


25,000 goal - Students choose their own classroom incentive 

50,000 goal - Faculty Bubble Wrap Wrestling

60,000 OVER THE TOP INCENTIVE - School Wide Dance Party! 



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