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Digital Learning

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We believe that meaningful education will always include the latest technology.  We prepare our students to step out into the world ready to create and innovate.  Here are some of the innovations available at Cowan to ensure that our students have a high-quality learning environment. 

  • AISD Cloud – AISD launched The Cloud in August of 2011 to give students, teachers and staff access to AISD programs, resources and data from almost any device, any time of day and from any location.  Our cloud was renowned by major educational publishers and organizations as one of the most innovative platforms in an educational setting. Educational resources now follow kids, extending learning and teaching beyond the classroom and into the home.  The cloud allows users to customize the interface and provides access to all core applications with single sign-on.  Cloud users can find over 80 district core applications on the cloud, in addition to, electronic textbooks, email, video conferencing, educational apps, Google apps, Microsoft Web Office and many more.

  • Student Engagement - Engaging the digital generation is critical to our success.  Kids need a learning environment that reflects current trends in technology.  We believe that our students should not be confined to being consumers of knowledge.  We know that they are creators and innovators of knowledge.  Access to a variety of devices is essential. 
  • Cowan’s computer lab has 30 desktop computers, a teacher laptop, projector, screen, and 4 printers.
  • Kinder and 1st grade classrooms each have 2 iPads, 2 Manda touch screen computers, and access to 10 netbooks for small group participation.
  • 2nd grade classrooms each have 3 netbooks, 1 Manda touch screen computer, and access to 10 netbooks for small group participation.
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms have a netbook cart complete with a netbook for each student in the class. Each cart is shared with the neighboring class to maximize access to this technology.
  • All classrooms have access to print by sharing a printer with the adjoining classroom.
  • Three color printers are placed strategically throughout the school allowing teachers to print in color as needed.
  • Our library offers 8 Manda touch screen computers for students, parents, and staff to use as needed. A cart containing 25 nooks is available for the librarian to use for library instruction time.
  • All classrooms are equipped with a document camera, projector, and screen for teachers and students to use for instructional purposes.
    All teachers are provided with a teacher laptop to use at home and school.
  • Cowan renews annual software licensing for BigBrainz, Study Island, Reading Counts, Read Naturally, and the extended version of