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About Cowan PTA

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Who is the Cowan PTA?
We are the moms, dads, grandparents, guadians, caregivers, teachers, school administrators and community members who proudly work hard each year to exhibit how much we care about the development of our children. The Cowan PTA studies problems, supports teachers, volunteers, and stays informed on issues regarding our student's education and well-being. Together we become better parents, teachers and citizens. 

Why should you join our PTA?
Because of your children and your community! PTA involvement provides children with a greater chance to succeed in school. As a member, you are more likely to be an informed, involved parent by learning ways to keep children safe, trouble-free and engaged in school. Cowan PTA provides opportunities to share and communicate with other parents, to volunteer and serve our community, and to contribute to the welfare of our children. You can share your special talents and discover a variety of new activities by joining us. 

How do I join?
Two ways! You can complete the form below to pay via PayPal or you may print our membership form and drop it off at the front office with your check made payable to "Cowan PTA". It is $7 for a single membership and $12 for a couple membership.

Need more information?
Contact Stacy Curtis, our Membership chair.